Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lets Make A Deal: Follow Up (Free PSN Card Code!)

Unfortunately no one signed up. So I've decided to make the deadline to whenever I get 10 referrals!
Now let me reexplain the process and what it's for:

Whats the code for you ask? Well it's a code for a free $10 PlayStation Network Card! Whats the catch? There is none! All you have to do is:

1. Sign Up
2. Confirm Email
3.  Be on daily to check for messages from me!

That's right! No dumb surveys or tasks, Just sign up, confirm your email, and check your messages!

But I need 10 referrals! So the first 10 people who sign up (under this link) will have a chance* to get one of these codes! You will have 3 days to sign up! Better Sign Up!

*You must confirm your email to be able to qualify. There will be 1 winner, that 1 winner will get a code to a $10-$20 PSN (PlayStation Network) Card.

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