Saturday, November 5, 2011

Free Uncharted3 MultiPlayer Codes!

Hey Uncharted 3 fans! 
There's this new place called Uncharted 3 Grab The Ring! Basically use your webcam to 'hold' a ring. And if you hold it for 15 Secs, 2min, 4min,8min ect. you get special in-game prize codes! And even have a chance for $500 Daily, And $10,000 Grand Prize!
Check it Out! It's free to sign up and it's so easy! 

P.S. I've already won Cash Codes, In Game Tee-Shirts, Guns and more!


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  1. ¡Escucha! Sé que ustedes no creerá esto, pero me dieron el código de PSN gratis! Marque este sitio hacia fuera