Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Free MW3, BF3, UC3!

Aww man I'm not finding any codes! But as you may know Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), Battlefield3 (BF3), and Uncharted 3 (UC3) are coming out soon...And I know how you can get one or all of these games...for FREE! Just visit this link and sign up! Then view some videos do a survey or two, play some awesome games and in no time you can have your free copy of MW3, BF3 or UC3!
(You can also get PSN Cards, other PS3 games accessories for the PS3 or pretty much anything you can imagine!)

(Note: You can get the games for PS3 or Xbox360 or PC)
(Note: the page the link lands you on is a MW3 themed page, don't worry if you want to get one of the other games!)

Link: http://www.points2shop.com/us/1582/Modern-Warfare-3?ref=uin1270790928 

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